About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

  • Repairing And Resurfacing Your Concrete

    As time goes on, your concrete can start to look pitted and rough. If you don't like this then you can resurface it so it has that nice and new look to it again. Although it's easier to have a professional come out and do this for you, it is something you can take care of on your own if you want to. The information below will help you to resurface the concrete yourself.

  • A Buying Guide For Air Conditioners

    Buying an air conditioner can be a confusing task if you don't understand what you need. There are several different models and features that can make the entire process overwhelming. Air conditioners have a BTU rating which needs to be correct per square footage in order to properly cool a room down. This is a guide to purchasing air conditioners to make it easier for you and hopefully save you stress and money during the process.

  • 4 Subtle Signs Of Water Damage And How To Spot Them

    Many homeowners envision water damage as the result of a broken pipe or water main spewing gallons upon gallons of water all over their basement, but the truth is that more subtle signs of water damage are more common and have the potential to do even more damage. Here are some signs of water damage that might be slipping right under your nose without you even knowing.  Bubbling Paint Moisture that has seeped into your walls and the sheetrock therein will cause your paint to bubble more often than not, giving you a clear indication of water damage.

  • Suffering From Allergy Symptoms This Fall? Here's How To Get Rid Of Allergens In Your Home

    As the weather goes from warm to cold, it's natural to feel some allergy symptoms. However, even though there is not a lot that you can do about the allergens that you encounter when you are outdoors this fall, you should not have to suffer from uncomfortable allergy symptoms when you are inside the house. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can get rid of fall allergens in your home.

  • Remove Barnacles From A Steel Dock And Keep Its Surface Protected

    If a steel dock has barnacles attached to its surface, learn how to remove them with the following instructions. A barnacle is a marine crustacean that has a hard shell-like covering. A group of them can cause injuries to an individual when they are entering or exiting the water if they accidentally touch or step on one. Once the barnacles have been removed, learn how to prevent them from attaching themselves to the dock in the future and how to help with dock repair.

About Me

About Marcus Thompson

My name is Marcus Thompson and about 8 years ago I found myself raising 3 children on my own. Before becoming a single father, I was too busy in my corporate world to even realize my home was falling apart. However, as I began spending more time at home, I began to notice all of the issues that were quickly causing my home's value to decrease. I couldn't afford to hire a contractor to fix these issues, so little by little, I began learning how to fix these problems myself. Over the years, I became a dedicated DIY enthusiast who is capable of fixing any issue I may encounter in my home. Creating this website is my way of sharing everything I have learned over the years with other parents and homeowners so that they too can begin taking control of any issues they may experience with their home.