About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

  • Why Are Your Throat And Eyes Always Dry In The Winter?

    Do you notice that, once winter hits, your throat and eyes always feel dry and scratchy? You might blame it on the weather, but chances are, the true culprit is your indoor air. During the winter when your forced air heating system is constantly circulating air throughout your home, allergens like dust and mold spores are always coming into contact with your face. Plus, the air in the winter tends to be drier, perpetuating this irritation.

  • Business Owners ~ Could Your Fire Sprinklers Result In Significant Damage To Your Property?

    The thought of your business being consumed by fire is likely scary, but many business owners face this type of tragedy every year. Some people mistakenly think that having fire sprinklers will provide adequate protection against fires and minimize their losses. In many cases, this is the case, but certain circumstances may result in your fire sprinkler system doing little or no good. The following information will help you to better understand how you may be putting your business at risk.

  • Consider A Luxury Porta Potty For Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

    You're getting married this summer and you're planning on having a gorgeous outdoor wedding reception. There's just one problem: there won't be any toilets available. While you can always invest in a few singular plastic porta potty units, it's worth looking into luxury units. What Is A Luxury Porta Potty? Luxury porta potties are designed to offer a more comfortable and relaxing environment than a typical porta potty. For example, at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, the portable toilets were actually made with real porcelain toilets and sinks with running water.

  • Adding Color To Your Xeriscaped Yard

    If you live in an area where rainfall is limited, you know how precious water resources can be. Rather than wasting water maintaining a lush yard, many homeowners in drought-prone areas opt to invest in xeriscaping instead. If you are a fan of the environmental benefits xeriscaping can provide, but you want to make your yard more colorful than a traditional xeriscaped landscape, there are some plants available to help you achieve your goals.

  • How To Use A Fireplace Without Burning A Fire

    If you have kids or pets, you may not like to use your beautiful custom fireplace for safety reasons. Also, people with wood-burning fireplaces may avoid using them due to the smoke smell. There's no need to let your fireplace go to waste, however, because you can use it in other creative ways. Whether you don't use the fireplace due to safety or smoke issues, there's a solution to your burning problem.

  • About Me

    About Marcus Thompson

    My name is Marcus Thompson and about 8 years ago I found myself raising 3 children on my own. Before becoming a single father, I was too busy in my corporate world to even realize my home was falling apart. However, as I began spending more time at home, I began to notice all of the issues that were quickly causing my home's value to decrease. I couldn't afford to hire a contractor to fix these issues, so little by little, I began learning how to fix these problems myself. Over the years, I became a dedicated DIY enthusiast who is capable of fixing any issue I may encounter in my home. Creating this website is my way of sharing everything I have learned over the years with other parents and homeowners so that they too can begin taking control of any issues they may experience with their home.