About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

  • Unusual Updates To Make Your Tired Shower Shine

    When your shower suffers from dated designs, making a few updates can make a big difference in the look of your whole bathroom. But updates don't necessarily have to mean total renovations to get a marvelous effect. So if you're ready to make your tired shower shine, check out a few unusual design trends that can make the difference. Hardware Changes Making hardware changes are like changing accessories in an outfit: without a few updates now and then, you grow tired of even the nicest look.

  • Simple Solutions To Heating Problems

    Heating problems can seem very urgent in the dead of winter, but not all furnace issues are a cause for panic. Some heating problems have very simple solutions. If your heater is blowing cold air, or if your home is warming up but isn't getting warm enough, try these simple solutions. Check the Thermostat First The first thing you'll want to do is go to the thermostat, to ensure that the thermostat is on and properly functioning.

  • How You Can Become An Electrician

    Are you looking for a new source of steady employment? Are you analytically minded and enjoy working with your hands? You might enjoy work as an electrician. According to the United States Department of Labor, electricians averaged $49,840 per year in 2012. That's enough to support quite a comfortable life. Additionally, the US Department of Labor also anticipates that this job opportunity is anticipated to increase by 20% by 2022. This means there's plenty of room for new electricians.

  • Saving A Tree After A Hurricane Or Large Windstorm

    If you're a new homeowner and have experienced your first hurricane or other storm with high winds, you might be a little more than freaked out over what's happened to your trees. Some may be as bare as the middle of winter. The wind may have used the limbs of others as shrapnel. Or, if it was a particularly bad storm, some trees may be laying on the ground. If one or more of these situations present themselves, use this guide to learn what you can do to save your trees.

  • What To Do When Your Lock Turns Against You

    Modern locks are much more advanced than their kin from centuries past. Some older locks could have been easily bypassed by unskilled people, but modern locks can easily keep unskilled people out. Thus, if you find yourself locked out of your home or car, you will need to call in a trained locksmith to help you get into your home. While locksmiths can be helpful in bypassing locks, they can also be helpful for all sorts of lock troubles.

  • About Me

    About Marcus Thompson

    My name is Marcus Thompson and about 8 years ago I found myself raising 3 children on my own. Before becoming a single father, I was too busy in my corporate world to even realize my home was falling apart. However, as I began spending more time at home, I began to notice all of the issues that were quickly causing my home's value to decrease. I couldn't afford to hire a contractor to fix these issues, so little by little, I began learning how to fix these problems myself. Over the years, I became a dedicated DIY enthusiast who is capable of fixing any issue I may encounter in my home. Creating this website is my way of sharing everything I have learned over the years with other parents and homeowners so that they too can begin taking control of any issues they may experience with their home.