About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

  • Three Common Water Contamination Symptoms And Tips To Address Them

    In its purest form, water has absolutely no odor, color or flavor. For that reason, if your water has an unusual flavor or odor, it's important that you have it tested, even if it looks clean. Sometimes, the odor or flavor is caused due to a contamination that your water needs to be treated for. In those cases, once you've tested it and identified the contaminant, you can work with a water treatment specialist to eliminate the source of the problem and clean up your water supply.

  • Prepping to Sell: Painting The Interior Of Your Home

    A fresh coat of interior paint can always help a home get ready to sell, but there a few painting techniques that can be even more strategic. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, there are a few painting tips that can attract even more potential buyers. Here are four interior painting techniques that you can use to get your home ready to sell. 1. Lighter Shades of Paint on Ceilings

  • 4 Ways to Help Make Your Garage Door Quieter

    A noisy garage door can be quite bothersome, especially if you or someone in your family has to leave early for work or comes home late in the evening. You don't want your garage door to bother anyone in your household, but you also don't want it to bother your neighbors either. Here are four ways to help make your garage door quieter: Tighten Nuts and Bolts: The nuts and bolts on both the door and track will become loose overtime and will need to be tightened.

  • Maintenance Tips For Your High Efficiency Washer

    A front loader washer provides a pretty effective way to clean loads of laundry. However, some maintenance is required to ensure the machine operates smoothly and lasts for a long time. Simple cleaning routines and changes to some of your laundry habits can go a long way in preventing breakdowns down the road and ensuring the machine remains hygienic and energy efficient. Here are simple tips on how to maintain your front loader washer.

  • Remove Stubborn Pet And Paint Stains With Common Household Items

    Does your carpet have some stubborn stains from pet urine or a paint spill? There are commercially available cleaners and carpet cleaning equipment you can spend big bucks on. Or you can head to your kitchen for a few common household products that can remove most stubborn stains. Pet Stains: Baking Soda and Vinegar Do you have a beloved family pet that has a tendency to pee on your carpets?

  • About Me

    About Marcus Thompson

    My name is Marcus Thompson and about 8 years ago I found myself raising 3 children on my own. Before becoming a single father, I was too busy in my corporate world to even realize my home was falling apart. However, as I began spending more time at home, I began to notice all of the issues that were quickly causing my home's value to decrease. I couldn't afford to hire a contractor to fix these issues, so little by little, I began learning how to fix these problems myself. Over the years, I became a dedicated DIY enthusiast who is capable of fixing any issue I may encounter in my home. Creating this website is my way of sharing everything I have learned over the years with other parents and homeowners so that they too can begin taking control of any issues they may experience with their home.