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About Marcus Thompson

Make Sure That You Measure These Things Before You Finalize Your Custom Home Plans

by Kaylee Craig

A custom home often represents a new life for your family, but that doesn't mean that everything inside of the home will be new. You'll typically be taking a number of items from your current home with you when you move into your new home. As such, it's important to consider the measurements of these items when you're designing the new residence with your custom builder. Grab a measuring tape and a piece of paper, and take note of the size of several critical items throughout your current home. As you evaluate your custom home plans with your builder, make reference to these measures to ensure that your new home will meet your needs.


While you may be upgrading some pieces of furniture when you move into your custom home, there's a good chance that you'll be taking a selection of your current items with you. As such, you want to be certain that they fit the space where you'll be setting them up. For example, if you have a relatively new couch that you're excited to take to your custom home with you, and you have a specific plan about where to situate it in your new living room, you want to be confident that it will suit the space. The same goes for the furniture in your bedrooms, home office, and dining room.


While you can certainly specify to your custom builder that you want your new home equipped with new appliances, many people elect to keep some or all of their current appliances. For example, if you've bought a new washer and drier in the past year and are happy with how they perform, there's little need to replace them. You'll want to carefully measure these appliances and any others that you plan to take. This is especially true if they'll fit into a space in the counter. For example, dishwashers can come in different widths, so you want to be sure that your custom home's kitchen will have a space to properly fit your dishwasher.

Recreational Items

Think about what recreational items you currently own and plan to store in your custom home. Many people store items of this nature in their garages, and if you plan to take this approach, you'll want to be sure that you have enough storage space. For example, if you're an avid outdoors enthusiast who wants a canoe rack mounted to the inside wall of your garage, you'll need to know how wide it should be. This measurement will help you to plan the garage so that it's large enough to accommodate your vehicles and your recreational items without these things being too close together.

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