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About Marcus Thompson

5 Reasons Moisture In The Basement Is A Big Deal

by Kaylee Craig

If you don't work with a basement waterproofing company to waterproof your basement, then moisture could become a serious problem in this area of your home. Having moisture in your basement might seem relatively normal and might not seem like a big deal, but it can actually pose a lot of problems. A few examples of the problems that can be caused by basement moisture are listed below, but you could experience even more issues if you don't address the problem, depending on the setup of your home and severity of the moisture issue.

1. Structural Damage Could Occur

Did you know that your home's structure could actually be impacted if you don't have basement waterproofing done? For example, foundation damage could happen and could leave your home at risk. Structural damage can have a major impact on your home and can leave you with major repair bills.

2. Your Basement Might Be Unusable

Right now, you might like using your basement for various things. It might be a storage area, or you and your family might have turned it into a game room or media room. You might even use it as a spare bedroom or separate apartment. If it becomes too wet due to a lack of basement waterproofing, though, it might not be useful for anything at all.

3. Your Belongings Could Be Damaged

Your household belongings might be stored in your basement; after all, this can be a great place to store items that you don't want to store elsewhere in your home because of all of the extra space. If you don't do something about moisture in your basement, then all of the stored belongings that you keep there could be damaged. They could be damaged by water or they might become damaged by mold.

4. Your Home's Value Could Be Negatively Impacted

If you try to sell your home and there is mold or other signs of moisture in the basement, you can expect it to be a problem when the home is inspected. You might get a lower offer on your home, or it might be hard to sell your home at all.

5. Mold Could Impact Other Areas of Your Home

Having mold in your basement can be a big problem on its own. However, if it stays limited to your basement, it might not seem like an urgent issue, particularly if your family does not use your basement very often. However, the mold spores could spread and impact other areas of your home, which can impact your indoor air quality and put you and your family at risk.

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