About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

Tips To Get Your Yard And Pavement Ready And Protected For Winter

by Kaylee Craig

The end of summer means less work in your yard and more time spent indoors. However, you don't want to forget about some loose ends you should tackle in terms of your yard landscaping and pavement maintenance. Although summer is over there are still some tasks you need to complete that can protect your yard's pavement. Here are some recommended maintenance to get your yard and its pavement ready for winter.

Maintain Your Asphalt

Your yard's pavement provides you with a durable surface for parking and other activities, but it needs to be maintained for a long-lasting life. Fall is a great time to perform maintenance and repairs to your asphalt paving because of the cooler temperatures and dry weather. 

A good maintenance task to complete to your asphalt is to patch up any potholes that have formed. You can do this with a cold patch asphalt mix, which you can get at a local home improvement store. Or you can hire a professional asphalt crew to complete the job. They will use a hot mix asphalt to fill and compact into any damaged areas after they clean out and prepare them for repair. Hot mix asphalt is a great option, especially when you have a number of repairs you need filled in your pavement.

You can also ask about hiring a sealcoating treatment to your asphalt surface, especially if it has begun to age and is gray in color. If your asphalt has begun to dry out, it will lose its dark coloring and also become brittle and susceptible to cracking and potholes.

Clear Out Old Vegetation

After a season of growth from your landscaping plants, vegetable garden, and errant weeds, fall is a good time to clear some of that out. It is helpful to remove the late vegetation from your yard and upon the soil so you can remove any potential harbor space for insects, such as grasshoppers, destructive beetles, and also damaging vegetation molds that can overwinter in your yard's dead growth.

It is also a good idea to remove any late weed growth that has had time to take hold within your yard and around pavements. Areas of your pavement that can allow weed growth, such as between pavement breaks and within cracks should be cleared of growth to minimize the damaging effects the weeds have on your pavement. For example, weeds growing within a crack in your asphalt should be pulled and any remaining root treated with a broad spectrum herbicide to prevents its growth again in the spring.


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About Marcus Thompson

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