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About Marcus Thompson

You Have Many Decisions To Make Before Gutter Installation Begins

by Kaylee Craig

Gutters can last a long time if they're maintained properly and have minor damage repaired, but eventually, you'll need to replace your old gutters. You can choose from seamless gutters or sectional ones based on your preference, and you can also choose from a variety of gutter materials. While your gutters perform an important job, they don't have to look ugly while they do it since you can choose gutters in different colors to complement your exterior paint. Here are some gutter installation ideas you may want to consider.

Decide Where to Place the Downspouts

The downspouts route water away from your house, so their placement is important for doing their job properly. However, you also want them placed where they are out of the way. You may want the end of the downspout to be connected to an underground drain so that water goes underground before emptying into the street. You might also want to replace a traditional downspout with a rain chain that has a more attractive appearance.

If you have a long, ranch-style house, you might need two downspouts for the length of the house. Then the gutters slope down from the middle to empty rain out quicker. The gutter installation professional can help you choose the right number and placement of the downspouts, taking into consideration the size of your roof and the expected amount of rain in a typical storm for your area.

Think About Adding Leaf Guards

Leaf guards can be a nice addition to your gutters because they keep debris out of the troughs. If you have a wooded property, or if your neighbors have trees with pine needles that can blow into your gutters, you may want a screen or other device applied to the gutters to keep out leaves, pine needles, and other debris, such as bird nests. These guards can fit over the top of the gutters or inside so that they aren't noticeable from the ground, and they could save you from a lot of work when it's time to clean your gutters.

Consider Decorative Gutters

While basic white metal or vinyl gutters do a great job of protecting your home, you may want something a little more glamorous depending on the style of home you have. Copper gutters could be worth considering. If you like the appearance of shiny copper, you may want to go with copper-colored aluminum so that it doesn't tarnish. To keep copper shiny, you have to do a lot of work to maintain it. A better option might be to let the copper age naturally and develop a unique patina. Copper gutters combined with copper medallions, rain chains, and conductor heads could give your home an upscale or artsy appearance.

Talk to your gutter professional about all your options in new gutters. The gutters should last for many years, so you'll want something that looks nice while needing little maintenance. Contact companies like Mr.Gutter, LLC, to learn more.


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