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About Marcus Thompson

Buying An Older House? Consider A Structural Engineering Contractor

by Kaylee Craig

If you've purchased houses before, you might be familiar with the practice of hiring a home inspector to go throughout the place and make recommendations about repairs and other problems. If you now find yourself buying a very old house to live in, you may be prepared to get an inspector again. However, very old houses may require inspection and analysis by a specialist in such structures, particularly a structural engineer. Why might you hire an engineering contractor when buying an older property?

You Want to Be Sure about the Safety of the Structure

Older houses may have withstood many storms, earthquakes and other environmental trauma. In addition, time itself might have affected the foundation, walls, floors and other parts of the structure. The house could be so old that you have no information about the original builder and how they put the structure together. In fact, certain standards and requirements could have changed over the years. For all these reasons, feeling concerned about the sturdiness and health of the structure isn't unusual.

A structural engineer can ensure that the house is safe for your family to live in. Their focus is to check whether the foundation can adequately handle the weight bearing down on it, and to evaluate whether the beams and other house components will continue to stand. They will issue a report to you about the overall structure, noting possible pressure points or areas of concern. They should also be able to list a few solutions.

You Will Be Renovating Certain Spaces

If you're planning to update bathrooms, balconies, kitchens or other spaces, you should get a structural engineer. An engineer can explain which beams must remain and which parts of the space can be freely tampered with. Some homeowners don't realize that they're weakening the home by knocking down certain walls and other elements; the structural engineer will ensure you never do anything to threaten the structure.

Possible Mortgage Lenders are Asking for an Engineering Report

Some mortgage lenders will request documentation about the strength and integrity of older houses. Being able to produce the structural engineering report should make them feel comfortable enough about the property that they'll extend a mortgage offer to you.

With a structural engineer's assistance, you'll get information that will keep your family safe and satisfied in the old house you're buying. The engineer might work with your general contractor to solve any problems they find. Contact a construction service, like Hastings Construction INC., for further help.


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