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About Marcus Thompson

3 Tips That Will Help Keep Your Garage Warm This Winter

by Kaylee Craig

It's normal for your garage to be really cold in the winter, but you might be hoping to prevent this. You could be worried about the impact that a cold attached garage will have on the temperatures inside of your house, or you might be hoping to avoid getting into a freezing cold car each morning this winter. You might even like spending time in your garage so that you can get work done or so that you can hang out, and you could be hoping to keep the garage nice and warm. Regardless of your reasoning, trying one or all three of these tips can help.

1. Have a New Weather Seal Installed

One of the first, easiest, and most effective things that you can do to keep your garage nice and warm is to install a new weather seal. If your garage door is a few years old, then the weather seal might be showing signs of wear, even if the rest of your garage door's components are still in good shape. A new weather seal can be easily installed by a garage door repair professional from a company like Callahan Door and Window, and it's great for keeping your garage nice and warm.

2. Invest in a Garage Heater

One good purchase to consider making this winter is a garage heater. They come in different sizes, so whether you have a small garage that is made for one car or a much larger garage, finding one that will keep the entire garage nice and cozy should not be too difficult. Just make sure that the garage heater that you choose is safe for indoor use in a garage since an outdoor-use heater can be dangerous when used in an enclosed space. Also, make sure that you're aware of the costs of running these heaters, and follow all safety rules when using one to stay safe and prevent fires.

3. Install Insulation

Installing insulation in your garage can be a costly project, but it can help keep your garage nice and warm when it's freezing cold outside. This can have a big impact on the temperature inside your home if your garage is attached to your home. While you're investing in insulation for your garage, you may also want to make sure that there is adequate insulation in your home for the winter, too.

Your garage doesn't have to be freezing cold all winter long. By following one, two or even all three of these steps, you can make a big difference in the overall temperature and comfort level in your garage this winter.


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About Marcus Thompson

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