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About Marcus Thompson

Does The Roof On Your Private School Or Daycare Need Repairs? 3 Things To Discuss

by Kaylee Craig

When you own a private school or daycare, the health and safety of each student and faculty member are your highest priorities, and the roof on the building helps to protect everyone. While damage to a roof is not always obvious at first, even a minor leak can lead to serious safety threats such as the development of mold and an increased risk for fires in the building. Once it is clear that commercial roof services are necessary, you can use these talking points to make sure that you fully understand what to expect when you work with the roofing contractor. 

1. Inquire About Repairs Vs. Replacement

Daycares and schools tend to run on a tight budget, and you may only have a certain amount of funding set aside for maintenance needs. While it may be tempting to save money by simply having obvious problems repaired, your school may get more out of the investment if the roof conditions warrant a replacement. For instance, a roof that is over 20 years old may end up requiring more money to be spent on roofing services over the next several years than it would cost to just replace the roof.

2. Ask About Safety Practices

Some schools opt to wait until the summer to arrange for roof services to be completed. However, this may not be an option for your daycare that runs year-round or a private school that offers summer enrichment activities. If you anticipate children or staff members being in the building at the time of the services, then find out how the roofing company protects its customers. For instance, you may hear that each employee is carefully screened before hiring and that they receive training in essential safety practices such as minimizing debris in areas where students are active.

3. Discuss a Plan for Maintenance

Your initial consultation for commercial roofing services should also include a discussion regarding how you can keep the new roof in top condition. Ideally, your new maintenance plan should outline regular dates for inspections and recommendations for how to prevent damage. If an emergency does occur due to an unforeseen issue, you should also be able to trust that the company can respond right away to secure the safety of the building.

Safety plans for your learning facility should always start at the top. After all, children need a dry and comfortable environment to learn. By knowing what to discuss with a roofing contractor, you can feel confident proceeding with your new plans for roof repairs and maintenance.


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About Marcus Thompson

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