About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

Tips For An Awesome Candy Bar

by Kaylee Craig

These days, candy bars are all the rave at kids and even adult parties. After all, who wouldn't love a buffet full of sugary treats. As the star of the show, you want to make sure you do your candy bar right, and the process does require some planning. Whether you're planning a birthday party for your child or an anniversary celebration for someone else, here are some candy table ideas to keep in mind.

Keep the Containers Clear

You can keep your table organized, and make your guests happier, by relying on clear containers for the table. Clear canisters let everyone see what their options are so that they aren't opening jar after jar and spilling candy all over in an attempt to figure out what they want. A clear jar with an easy to remove lid is the way to go. 

Choose a Large Enough Table

For the candy bar to accommodate everyone, it needs to be the right size. If the table is too small, your guests may have to wait in a line to access the table — which is no fun. Ensure the table is large enough to store all your candy and for several guests to be around the table at one time. Don't worry about finding the right table around your house. Visit a place where you can get party rentals to find a table that you need. 

Order Special Candy

You want everything to look intentional at the party. So, if you're going with a limited color scheme, such as only red and blue, try to choose candy options that fit within the color scheme. To accomplish this goal, you may need to order special candy. Many services provide custom candy options based on color, so you just have to look around. 


The last thing you want to do is to turn away a guest who wanted to enjoy the bar but can't because all the candy is gone. Once you know how many guests will attend the event, overbuy when purchasing your candy. Depending on the type of event, everyone may go back and forth to the candy bar several times. Purchase small gift bags so that guests can fill up their bags when they leave if there is any candy leftover. 

The most essential element to bring to the table is an eagerness to have fun. Candy is lighthearted, so while your approach to designing the table should be thoughtful, the underlying goal should be to put a smile on your guests' face. Organize and have fun.


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About Marcus Thompson

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