About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

First Time Dealing With The 40-Year Recertification? Helpful Information That Can Make The Process Less Confusing

by Kaylee Craig

If you conduct business in Florida, and your commercial building has turned 40 years old, it's time for a 40-year re-certification. These recertification inspections are required to ensure that your commercial building is free from structural hazards. If you've never been through 40-year recertifications, you may not be familiar with the process, which can be lengthy. You may have some questions regarding the 40-year recertification. Here is some information that will help you through the process.

My Building is Not 40 Years Old

In Florida, all commercial buildings must go through the recertification process once they turn 40 years old. If you don't believe that your building is 40 years old, you'll need to confirm it's age. You can do that by contacting the county property appraisers office in the county where your commercial building is located. Once you've obtained the confirmation regarding your buildings official age, you can submit the proof of age to your county building services office. Once it's confirmed that your building doesn't meet the age requirement, the recertification will be postponed until it does turn 40 years old.

I No Longer Own the Building

If you receive notice of recertification for a building that you no longer own, you'll need to act fast. You'll be required to show proof of sale before you can be released from liability for the building recertification. To get your name removed from the register, you'll need to submit proof of sale to the county property appraisers office in the county where you conduct business. They'll take care of correcting the property information. It's important that you give them as much information on the new owners as possible. That way, they can make sure that the corrected information is sent out for recertification.

The Inspector Hasn't Contacted Me

Once the architect has conducted the inspection for recertification, you may think that you need to wait for a county inspector to come out for a final inspection. However, that's not the case. The safety architect will come out and conduct the recertification inspection. Once they're done with the inspection, they'll notify the county property appraisers office. A county inspector will never come out to your property.

I Haven't Received a Compliance Certificate

After the county receives the official report regarding the recertification inspection, they'll go over the information to determine whether repairs will be needed. If they are, you'll receive notification of the repairs that are required. However, if no repairs are needed, and recertification is approved, your case will be closed. At that point, you won't receive any further correspondence from the office for another ten years; when it will be time for your 10-year recertification.


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About Marcus Thompson

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