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About Marcus Thompson

Plumbing Improvements That Make Repairs Easier And Protect Septic Systems

by Kaylee Craig

When you must do a plumbing repair, sometimes the work involved may prevent you from doing a simple task yourself. While there are some repairs that you need the help of a professional plumber for, there are others that are easy to do if you have the right plumbing system. Here are some of the repairs that you can do on your own with the right plumbing system for your home:

1. Install Sink Traps with Screw-on Caps in the U-Pipe

Sinks are an area of your home plumbing wear a lot of debris gets washed down the drain. The things that go down the drain, may not always be good for you plumbing or the septic system. Beneath sink, there is a trap, which has a U-pipe on it. This pipe can be used to access clogs and clean drains. To make it easier to get things out of the drain, use a pipe that has a cap on the bottom off it, so all you have to do is unscrew the cap to get to a problem.

2. Use Braided Lines Where Water Lines May Leak and Need Repairs

Braided water lines are types of flexible pipe that are used in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They may be used for some of the smaller plumbing fixtures, and are usually smaller lines. Since these are connections that can leak, make sure that they have screw on attachments that can easily be removed and repaired when needed.

3. Consider Plumbing Manifolds to Make Repairs and Maintenance Easier

Plumbing manifolds are a more efficient design for the plumbing in your home. They also have the benefit of making repairs and improvements a lot easier. Since each area of the plumbing will have its one place on the manifold, it is easy to turn off the water to just one area of your home.

4. Install Easy Access Septic Tanks, Drains and Water Lines for Repairs

Septic systems have tanks that are usually buried somewhere on a property. Access to tanks, usually involves digging up the access lid to do repairs. Risers are a modern improvement to septic systems that make maintenance easier. The riser you have installed will allow you to easily access your septic system without the need to dig up the lid of the tank every time.

With the right type of plumbing systems for your home, you will only need to contact a plumber for the more difficult repairs. Contact a septic service, such as Martin Septic Service Inc, to help with the installation of risers and access to your outdoor plumbing system.


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About Marcus Thompson

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