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About Marcus Thompson

Aluminum Materials And The Benefits Of Recycling Them For Resource Recovery

by Kaylee Craig

If you work with metal materials, there are many different types of materials that can be valuable if recycled. Aluminum is one of the materials that is often used for lightweight manufacturing and in trades. If your business uses aluminum materials, these can be valuable resources for your business when recycled. Here are some tips that can help with recycling your aluminum materials and putting cash back into your business:

1. Organizing Unusable Scraps Into Different Containers For Recycling

Whether your business is in manufacturing or in a trade, dealing with metal scraps is important. You want to have them separated to ensure you get the value of the different metals when you recycle them. Use different containers to keep the scrap materials organized and in the right place. This can also be done for work areas where the metal is being used. If you are in a trade business, you may want to consider having containers on vehicles to separate the different scraps.

2. Adding Compacting And Recycling Equipment To Better Manage Waste

The metal scraps for your business can take up a lot of space. The extra voids in containers can cost you more to have the scraps hauled off. To improve your business, you may want to consider investing in recycling equipment. This can be hammer-mills, compactors, and balers that help to keep the metal clean and compact. The denser weights will also bring more cash into your business when you have the materials recycled. You may also want to have sorting equipment that can help to keep tin out of the aluminum materials.

3. Starting Policies To Improve The Recycling And Recovery Of Resources For Your Business

Having good recycling policies can also help you reduce waste, and recover resources from your recycling efforts. If you are in a trade business for example, have your workers clean up after each job and deposit metal scraps where they need to go at the end of each workday. For manufacturing and shops, monitor the materials used and the amount of scraps that are produced from doing different jobs. Over time, you should be able to develop an average of scrap metal weights that certain jobs should produce.

These are some tips that can help with resource recovery with aluminum, and putting this valuable resource back into your business. If you are ready to start recycling your metal scraps, contact a commercial recycling service such as Sunwest Metals Inc and talk with them about some solutions that can help you manage waste and recover resources. 


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