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About Marcus Thompson

Five Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality In A Day Or Less

by Kaylee Craig

Indoor air quality plays a big role in your overall health. Air that is too humid, too dry, or laden with dust, mold spores, or smoke can cause respiratory difficulties, skin conditions, and other health challenges. Improving your indoor air quality does not always have to require a major home overhaul. Here are five ways to improve the quality of your home's air in a day or less.

Upgrade to a HEPA air filter.

While a basic fiberglass air filter is better than nothing, a HEPA filter will do a better job of keeping air clean as it flows through your ducts. HEPA filters are better at catching dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander, which might pass right through a fiberglass filter. They cost a few dollars more but are by no means expensive.

Have your chimney cleaned.

If you ever use your fireplace, arrange to have a chimney cleaner come clean your chimney. Any soot buildup within the chimney reduces the amount of smoke that can make its way up and out of the chimney, allowing some of it to accumulate in your home.

Toss those toxic cleaners.

Chemical cleaning solutions – especially really strong ones like toilet bowl cleaner – can aerosolize and make your indoor air irritating. Get rid of these harsh cleaners, and instead reach for natural products like baking soda and white vinegar when it comes time to clean.

Vacuum out your air returns.

As air is sucked down the air returns and into your ducts, dust and dirt tend to accumulate in the air returns. They then clog up your air filter, making it less effective. Vacuum out the air returns, and repeat this task every few weeks. You'll reduce the amount of debris that makes it all of the way to the filter so your filter can do its job more effectively.

Install a humidifier or dehumidifier if needed.

This step may not be necessary, depending on the climate where you live. Is the air in your home often dry, resulting in static cling, dry skin, and a raspy respiratory tract? Place a portable humidifier in the rooms you frequent most to add moisture to the air. On the other hand, if your home seems overly moist, you may wish to set up a portable dehumidifier, which will remove moisture from the air. Less moisture will mean fewer problems with toxic mold and mildew.

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