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About Marcus Thompson

Ceramic Vs. Stone Tile

by Kaylee Craig

If you really want to add some class and style to your bathrooms, you should consider installing tile floors. Tile is a perfect material for bathrooms because it is water resistant and durable. Many people love to design and install their own tile flooring to give the room a completely unique look. You can definitely have a lot of fun when installing tile. Of course, not all tile products are the same. This article explains the difference between ceramic and stone tile. It will help you decide which is best for your personal style and bathroom maintenance requirements.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are probably the most practical for the moist environment of a bathroom. That being said, you need to be careful when installing them in a shower or bathtub basin because they can be so slick. In most cases, ceramic tiles have a glossy finish that makes them very slippery when wet. Ceramic tiles are the most common and easiest to find at home improvement stores. They are usually square or rectangular in shape, making installation much easier. You can find the most popular colors right on the shelves at home improvement stores, or you can find more unique, custom colors if you are willing to pay more.

The best thing about glazed ceramic tiles is that they are perfectly waterproof and don't need to be sealed. However, you still do need to seal the grout, so the maintenance isn't that much easier than stone tile.

Stone Tile

Stone tile, unlike ceramic tile, is more or less completely natural. The stone pieces are basically chiseled from raw rock to make them look natural. Because of this, they usually have a random shape and rough-hewn edges. This means that the installation is much more difficult because applying the grout and making the pieces fit together is more time consuming. Since they are made out of natural stone, stone tiles are porous, and they can absorb dirt and soap scum. This means that they need to be cleaned and sealed on a regular basis. Nonetheless, you can give your bathroom a beautiful, rustic luck with natural, stone tile. For ideas on how to incorporate custom stonework into your home, contact a company like Rocstone Custom Masonry.

When it comes down to it, you should make your decision based on which style fits into your home decor and price range. The extra maintenance for stone tiles is not that much more demanding, so it should not be a huge deciding factor.


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