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About Marcus Thompson

Four Remodeling Tips For A Functional Kitchen

by Kaylee Craig

Kitchens are one of the most functional spaces in an entire home. The kitchen isn't just the place where you prepare your meals, it often also serves as homework central, the entertainment epicenter and host of other purposes. Given all this activity, many people don't even realize how much they are overlooking functionality when designing this space. Make certain you aren't making this mistake.  

Double Check Storage

Don't simply glance at the cabinet or pantry design layout for your new kitchen. Take the time to double check and examine it. A kitchen without adequate storage is anything, but functional. When you don't have the necessary space to store your dinnerware, food and small appliances, they end up taking up workspace on the countertop, which will only make operating in the kitchen more stressful and challenging, not to mention, the ugliness of clutter.

Ensure Proper Light Placement

The kitchen isn't the place for dim, romantic lighting. When prepping food or cleaning, you want to be able to see clearly. Make sure you understand that simply installing a bright bulb isn't always enough. The only way to ensure you have adequate lighting is to place lights in the right places. As a general rule of thumb, every work area should have at least one light installed above it, including the sink, countertop where you plan to cook and the stove.

Remember The Triangle

The sink, refrigerator and stove are the most important components of a kitchen. Not only are they important, but most people use them together. For instance, you remove the meat from the refrigerator, rinse it in the sink and cook it on the stove. While they don't have to be directly next to each other, you can increase efficiency by laying out the space in a way where sink is in the middle and the stove and refrigerator are on opposite sides, creating somewhat of a triangle.

Ensure Easy Flow

If you're like the average family, very rarely is there only one person in the kitchen. At any given time, there are multiple people in the room. If you don't lay out the space wisely, this could lead to a problem. Make sure everyone has space to move about. When designing the space, always ensure you and at least one other person can comfortably be in the same area without bumping into one another.

When it comes to enhancing functionality, don't forget to rely on the expertise of the remodeling specialist you are working with. Your ideas combined with their skill will yield a kitchen you will love for many years to come. For more information, contact Luxcucina or a similar company.


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About Marcus Thompson

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