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About Marcus Thompson

Caring For Your Kitchen's New Travertine Tile

by Kaylee Craig

If you just had travertine tile installed in your kitchen, you are most likely enjoying the beauty it provides to your room. A travertine tile surface is an aesthetically pleasing addition that many select as an alternative to granite or marble because of its unique appearance. To keep your travertine tile looking like new, simple maintenance steps will need to be followed. Here are some tips you can use to keep your kitchen's new tile looking great for as long as possible.

Use Protection When Cooking

Travertine stone will become altered in appearance when it comes in contact with excessive heat. Because of all the heat sources present in a kitchen, it will be necessary to be exceptionally careful when handling hot items around the tile. Always use a hot plate or trivet when placing cookware that just came off the stove or out of the oven onto a tiled counter top. 

Avoid Spilling Acidic Substances

Since travertine is extremely porous, acidic liquids are hazardous to its appearance if they are spilled upon your tiles. When pouring juices, soda, tea or coffee, bring your bottle, coffee pot, or tea kettle to an area of the kitchen away from the tile if possible. If you do spill a substance on your tile, blot it with clean cloth immediately to help minimize the risk of permanent staining. Do not rub the area as this could push the staining substance further into the tile as a result.

Clean Your Tile Frequently

The small pits and holes that are present in this tile can become filled with debris easily, so you should clean the tiles often. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush attachment to remove debris that becomes trapped in the crevices within your tile. This should be held a bit away from the tile surface so it does not cause scratches as you whisk away dust or food particles. Household detergents, bleach, or ammonia can cause damage to the stone as they are made of harsh chemicals, making it necessary to use a cleaner made especially for travertine stone to clean the surface properly.

Seal The Surface To Protect

Consider using a travertine tile sealant to help protect your stone from wear. This agent can be purchased in your local home goods store. Add a layer of the sealant to the tile with a piece of microfiber cloth. The sealant will fill in the voids in your tile, helping to keep it from becoming stained.

For more tips on how to keep your travertine tile in great condition, check out http://www.stoneandtilecare.net.


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