About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

Ideas for Landscaping with Garden Accents

by Kaylee Craig

A lawn is a lovely complement to any home style. Add a few flowers, and your yard gets even prettier. However, maybe you'd like to add creativity for more landscaping beauty. Practically any weatherproof item can serve as a garden accent. Landscape around garden accents to add visual interest to your yard.

Try a Water Fountain

Water fountains are a classic in landscaping, and with good reason. Not only does the fountain itself provide a pretty accent, running water creates water music, which can help mask street noise. Unless you have a specific design style for your yard, simply choose a fountain that you like. Place it somewhere where it will be clearly visible from multiple points. For landscaping, choose pretty plants that don't obscure the fountain itself and plant them around as accents. However, you can also create a charming tableau by nestling a fountain in surrounding greenery. This is a good option if the fountain features an obvious front.

Elevate a Sculpture

Perhaps you'd like to try for a formal look in your garden. In that case, look for a stone or metal sculpture to add. A figurative sculpture, such as an angel or cherub, is characteristic of formal gardening. To use the sculpture as a focal point, the Landscaping Network suggests elevating it on a pedestal to raise it above the surrounding landscaping. As with the fountain, make sure it's visible from the yard and house for maximum benefit.

Get Creative

If you'd like a more casual garden, maybe with a touch of whimsy, get creative with your accent pieces. For example, start with an item featuring a well, such as a bird bath or wheelbarrow. Fill the well with potting soil and plant annuals inside. You could even add mini accent pieces, such as a fairy or a bench. Consider creating your yard's landscaping in miniature in the tiny garden.

Go Classic with a Gate

There's a reason garden gates are a mainstay; they're charming and add purpose to your garden. Your garden gate could be the actual entrance to your yard, or you could delineate spaces with such an installation. Choose a charming garden gate, such as one made of wrought iron or picket. Consider combining it with a pergola. Either way, plant climbing plants at the base and train them to climb up the posts or the pergola. If the gate isn't part of a fence, use a specific type of planting in place of the fence. For example, use ornamental grasses or rose bushes to create a divide between the yard and your garden.

Gardening with accent pieces creates a complementary tableau in your landscaping. For more information and ideas, consult professionals like Precision Landscape Contractors.


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About Marcus Thompson

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