About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

3 Ideas To Create Landscaping Features That Match A New Cedar Fence

by Kaylee Craig

If you plan on adding a wood fence to your home, cedar materials can be a great choice for many reasons. One good reason is that it is also a material that is available in different sizes of lumber, which can allow you to create furniture and landscaping structures that blend in with cedar fencing. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to give your garden landscaping features that match the new cedar fence:

1. Using Planters With A Cedar Design To Match Fencing

Plants can be a great addition to your landscaping, but you may want to be able to change them and move them around occasionally. This can be easily done using containers, but you may want them to match your outdoor design scheme. Cedar planters can be a great addition to make your landscaping more colorful. In addition, you may want to consider creating cedar boxes to cover any planters you do not want to throw out.

2. Cedar Arbors And Landscaping Structures Integrated Into Fencing

Cedar arbors can be another great addition to your landscaping. The arbors can be a great solution to add shade in an area like a patio of the garden entrance. In addition, the cedar arbors can also easily be integrated into the design of your fence, which can also help give a fence more structural strength. You may want to consider something like a retractable awning that can be installed beneath the arbor to make a patio cover when you need it.

3. Lawn Furniture And Other Accessories For The Patio Made Out Of Cedar

Lawn furniture can be another great addition to your patio. If you want to have a design that matches your fence, there are many choices of patio accessories that are made of cedar materials. You may want to buy a complete patio set that matches your fence, or you may even want to consider some built-in features that you can do yourself, such as bench seating and storage for the patio. If you want, you can even talk with a fencing contractor about doing some of these projects for you.

These are some cedar projects that you may want to do to match a wood fence. If you are ready to give your home a nice wood fence, contact a patio enclosure service and talk with them about cedar features to match your fence and an enclosure system for your patio arbor.  


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About Marcus Thompson

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