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About Marcus Thompson

Three Things To Consider When Having A Sign Made For Your Business

by Kaylee Craig

Signs can be a great way to promote sales at your business, but it is important to make sure that you choose the right signs to use to ensure that you can catch the attention of as many potential customers as possible. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a sign to promote an upcoming sale at your business. Use the guide below to learn a few of things you should consider before having a sign created.

Consider a Sign that Moves

There are signs available that are attached to bases that have moving mechanisms in them that swing the poles back and forth. The sign will move around constantly, which will grab the attention of many people who pass by your business. Be sure that the sign is big enough to be easily read, yet small enough for the machine to move it with ease. There will be a maximum weight limit for the machine, which should be listed on the side of the machine or on the box that it came in.  

Consider a Colorful Sign

If you do not want to use a moving sign to advertise your business, consider using a colorful sign to grab the attention of people passing by. A colorful sign will often stand out from any other signs or buildings in the area. Be sure that the colors you choose for the sign complement one another well and make it easy for people to be able to read what the sign says from far away.

Consider a Sign that Is Customizable

There are many companies that now create signs that can be customized to suit the needs of the business owner on a daily basis. You may want to choose a sign that has peel away numbers and letters on it so that you can make the sign say whatever you want on it. This is great for businesses who have sales on a regular basis but need to be able to change the dates on the sign to let customers know when the sales begin each time.

When you purchase any sign, be sure to take the time to look at it up close and from far away to ensure that it will be easy for people to read as they pass by your business from multiple distances. Avoid cursive lettering on the sign because not everyone can read cursive, and you could limit the customer base if potential customers cannot read the sign with ease. When you know what you want in your sign, contact a company like Inland Petroservice Inc to create what you need.


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