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About Marcus Thompson

Business Owners ~ Could Your Fire Sprinklers Result In Significant Damage To Your Property?

by Kaylee Craig

The thought of your business being consumed by fire is likely scary, but many business owners face this type of tragedy every year. Some people mistakenly think that having fire sprinklers will provide adequate protection against fires and minimize their losses. In many cases, this is the case, but certain circumstances may result in your fire sprinkler system doing little or no good. The following information will help you to better understand how you may be putting your business at risk.

Discharged Sprinklers

If your sprinkler system has ever discharged, it should have been restored at some point. However, some property owners may discover that their systems were not restored. For example, a person might buy a commercial location and be unaware that a fire ever took place or that the fire sprinkler system discharged. If the previous property owner did not fully restore the property and get a professional to restore the sprinkler system, there is a chance the sprinklers may not work if another fire occurs. 

Coverage Area Issues

Think of what would happen if a fire spread quickly at your business. Sometimes sprinkler systems do not extend into certain areas of properties, but if a fire is spreading, it could reach those areas. Enclosed areas such as mezzanines may not have sprinklers over them. This means that a spreading fire might be able to continue to cause damage if it reaches these areas. 

Closing Valves Prematurely

Employees need to be educated on turning off the sprinkler system if it activates. However, it can be problematic if an employee panics and turns the sprinkler system off before the fire is eradicated. You or another authority figure at your business can make the final call on when to close valves. An added measure of protection would be to make it clear to other employees that accessing the sprinkler system is strictly forbidden. You could also make a rule to let the fire department make the final judgment about closing the valves. 

Sprinkler System Capacity

There have been fires that were not completely extinguished due to sprinkler systems not providing adequate water. A common cause of this is related to the water supply that provides water to the system. 

A fire protection company is the best resource to use to determine whether your current fire sprinkler system needs amendments or repairs to ensure safe operation. They are also a good resource to use to educate your employees on fire safety and fire sprinkler system protocols that should be followed if the system activates. 


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About Marcus Thompson

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