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About Marcus Thompson

How To Use A Fireplace Without Burning A Fire

by Kaylee Craig

If you have kids or pets, you may not like to use your beautiful custom fireplace for safety reasons. Also, people with wood-burning fireplaces may avoid using them due to the smoke smell. There's no need to let your fireplace go to waste, however, because you can use it in other creative ways. Whether you don't use the fireplace due to safety or smoke issues, there's a solution to your burning problem.

Alternative Ways of Using a Custom Gas or Wood-burning Fireplace:

1. Traditional Candles

If smoke is the only reason you don't want to burn a fire, put the fireplace to good use with candles instead. Candles will give you the look and ambiance of a fire with a pleasant, rather than offensive smell. This is ideal for people who love the glow of a fire but are allergic to smoke.

To set the scene, simply place one large candle, several small candles, or a mix of both on the fireplace grate and light them. Choose candles in eye-catching glass jars or put them in attractive holders so that they can double as home decor when they're not lit. Make sure that the candles are securely on the grate so that they don't tip over during use. You can also display multiple candles in a wrought iron candelabra.

You can also change the candle display according to the holiday or season, such as red and green votives for Christmas or red and pink ones for a romantic Valentine's Day display. 

2. LED Candles

For those with children or pets, flameless LED candles are the way to go. They produce a realistic-looking warm glow without the fire hazard. You can also find scented LED candles that release a fragrance when warm. Some flameless votives also come with handy remote controls so you can adjust or turn off the "flame" from a distance.

Display the flameless candles in the same ways as traditional candles, in small groupings or one at a time. 

3. Creative Storage

If you're sure you'll never want to use your fireplace for burning fires again, you can transform it into a creative store option. For instance, you can build wood shelves into it and use it to hold your favorite books or small antique collections.

As another option, use the space to hang a large family picture or an art print in a custom frame made to fit the empty space. Place vases of fresh or faux flowers on the bottom of the fireplace to complete the classy look. Go to sites that talk about repurposing fireplaces for more information.   


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