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About Marcus Thompson

4 Subtle Signs Of Water Damage And How To Spot Them

by Kaylee Craig

Many homeowners envision water damage as the result of a broken pipe or water main spewing gallons upon gallons of water all over their basement, but the truth is that more subtle signs of water damage are more common and have the potential to do even more damage. Here are some signs of water damage that might be slipping right under your nose without you even knowing. 

Bubbling Paint

Moisture that has seeped into your walls and the sheetrock therein will cause your paint to bubble more often than not, giving you a clear indication of water damage. Paint that has begun to bubble can be the result of excess ambient moisture, water within your walls themselves, or a combination of the two. The size and prevalence of these bubbles can give you an idea as to the source of the water, since ambient moisture has more potential to cause smaller bubbles that look deflated, and moisture in your walls is more likely to cause puffy bubbles that are larger. Also, more bubbles means more water behind the paint, so if one of your walls seems to develop an acne problem, a call to a reputable water damage contractor may be in order. 

Dark Ceiling Corners

If you've ever thought you've seen a strange shadow at the corner formed by your ceiling and a wall, then you may have been looking at a sign of water damage, specifically, an ice dam. Ice dams are notorious for creeping into your home and causing huge amounts of damage very slowly in your insulation and inside your walls, so you should act on one the moment you suspect it. Paint bubbling may occur at these sites as described above, but it also could just be a dark faux shadow in a funny place. If either of these occurs, call a water damage expert to get the problem checked out, as these nasty winter problems contributed greatly to over 2.3 billion dollars in winter home damage last winter in Boston; you definitely don't want a slice of that pie. 

Cool Carpeting

Perhaps the least obvious of these three subtle signs of water damage is a patch of cool, but not wet, carpeting in your home. Obviously wet carpeting not associated with a spill should be checked out, but even if the carpet is particularly cool, there still could be some water damage lurking underneath. If you want to monitor the issue yourself, then an infrared thermometer will be abundantly helpful. If the thermometer shows a particular area of the carpet that is a few degrees below the surrounding carpet, then you may have a water damage issue. For more information, talk to a company like Complete Restoration Services.


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