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About Marcus Thompson

Prepping to Sell: Painting The Interior Of Your Home

by Kaylee Craig

A fresh coat of interior paint can always help a home get ready to sell, but there a few painting techniques that can be even more strategic. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, there are a few painting tips that can attract even more potential buyers. Here are four interior painting techniques that you can use to get your home ready to sell.

1. Lighter Shades of Paint on Ceilings

A painting technique that can open up smaller spaces or cramped rooms is to paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls. If ceilings feel low, you can even extend the ceiling color a few inches down the top of the wall to give a feeling of height. Lighter shades of paint above can make your home seem more spacious and give the illusion of larger rooms.

2. No Bold Choices

If you love bold colors, you might want to paint rooms or walls with bright, vibrant colors. This can actually be distracting and can be hard for potential home buyers to get past. This can also be a detriment if buyers wish to go with more neutral tones, and they need to cover up a darker existing color with more layers of paint.

3. Go With Classic Colors Versus Trends

There are always painting trends going around, but it is a good idea to stick with basic, neutral tones such as whites and beiges. If you are getting your home ready to sell, this isn't the time to experiment with sponge painting or patterns on the walls. Get back to basics so that people can start with a blank slate in their new home.

4. Accent Walls in Bathrooms and Kitchens

If you are worried that your home colored in head to toe beige might make this too boring and not stand out, you can split the difference. A couple of accent walls in the kitchen and bathrooms can brighten up the overall look of a home. Complementing colors such as light blues or grays won't distract too much but can help bring a little life to smaller areas in your home.

Painting a home for your own tastes versus an open house are two different things. In order to cast a wider net of interest on your home, try to stick with neutral, space-expanding techniques in the interior of your home if possible. Potential home buyers should see your home in the best light possible, and this can be achieved with strategic interior painting methods.

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About Marcus Thompson

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