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About Marcus Thompson

Why Vinyl Is The Most Practical Window Material For Commercial Properties

by Kaylee Craig

There are many great reasons to invest in windows for your commercial property. Most business owners want a window product that is strong, low maintenance, affordable, and long lasting. Vinyl is a product that fulfills all of these requirements. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular window materials on the market. It is a great alternative to wooden, aluminum, and fiberglass windows. This article will highlight some of the best features of vinyl windows and explain why they are ideal for commercial buildings.

Vinyl is Easy to Clean

If you own a commercial property, the chances are that your employees or a third-party maintenance crew will clean your windows. Luckily, cleaning vinyl windows is very easy. You do not need to to worry about moisture damaging the frame and causing rust (like you do with aluminum frames). This means you can clean the frame more easily. You do not need to use separate cleaners for the glass and frame. In fact, you can simply use the glass cleaner to clean the vinyl too. With vinyl, keeping the windows clean is a simple job that your employees will not mess up.

Vinyl Lasts

Even with minimal cleaning and maintenance over the years, vinyl will last for a long time. Vinyl is not susceptible to water damage like metal or wood. Also, it is not likely to be infested by termites or pests. Vinyl is produced with a slight texture. This makes it ideal for sliding windows. You can open and close your windows thousands of times without wearing the frame down. The texture of the vinyl reduces friction and prevents the frame from sticking or jamming. Vinyl will also last for a long time because the entire frame is stained the same color. Not just the out layer is painted, like it is on aluminum frames. This means that the paint will not rub off along the tracks of sliding windows. Vinyl will show very little sign of wear, even if it is scratched, chipped or dented.

Vinyl is obviously the most practical solution for commercial windows, but is also a very stylish option. Since it is gaining in popularity, it is also being produced in a wider range of styles and colors. This makes it easier to find a product that fits into your existing decor or style. So, when comes time to upgrade your windows, look at vinyl first. 

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