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About Marcus Thompson

Silky, Smooth Style: Simple Solutions To Clean Your Silk Drapes

by Kaylee Craig

From faux wood blinds and plantation shutters to formal curtains and solar shades, the various window dressing options can be overwhelming. While many homeowners choose traditional mini blinds for their windows, silk curtains offer privacy and elegance.  Although strong, silk requires special care to protect your investment. Using these simple solutions, your silk draperies will be stylish, appealing, and durable accents for your windows.

Periodic Cleaning

Cleaning your silk drapes periodically is the best way to prevent discoloration and heavy buildup of dirt. Thankfully, a vacuum attachment will remove light dirt, dust, and dander from your window treatments.

Choose an attachment for your vacuum that offers a brush with soft bristles. Take down your drapes and place on a flat surface. Power on your vacuum and move the brush attachment across the silk panels. Begin at the top and work your way down to the bottom. Move the brush attachment across the front and back section of your drapes before rehanging.

Detailed Cleaning

Even with a periodic dusting with your vacuum, your silk drapes may develop a thick residue of dirt and dust. Over time, this residue will discolor your silk, leading to a complete replacement. To remove the buildup before the curtains stain or discolor, consider hand washing each silk panel. In a tub, add the following:

  • 3 gallons of lukewarm water
  • 2 tablespoons of gentle liquid laundry detergent

After vacuuming the curtain panel, place into the tub. Use your hands to wash the silk in gentle, circular motions. Drain the soapy water out of the tub. Remove any soapy residue from the silk by rinsing under the faucet.

Remove the silk panel from the tub and squeeze to remove the excess water. Do not twist or wring out the silk fabric. After covering a table or flat surface with clean towels, place the silk panel on the towels to dry. If the silk is still wet after a few hours, roll them into the towel to soak up leftover water.

Your silk curtains may wrinkle after hand washing, so ironing them will be necessary. While your curtains are lightly damp, iron the interior lining using a warm, gentle setting.

Due to the variety of colors available, luxurious appeal, and intense durability, it is easy to see the benefits of silk curtain panels. With this guide, your drapes will remain appealing, durable, and stylish for many years to come. 


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About Marcus Thompson

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