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About Marcus Thompson

5 Things To Do After You Shut Your Furnace Down For The Summer

by Kaylee Craig

The weather will soon be warming up enough that it will be time to shut your gas furnace down for the summer months. Most people switch the furnace thermostat off and don't give the furnace another thought until the cold weather returns and it's time to start it up again. However, you should take the time to clean and inspect your furnace while it is idle to make sure it's ready for another season – you can do this even if you think you're not the handiest person in the world. Here are 5 things you should check while the furnace is shut down for the summer.

You Will Need:

  • New filter
  • Vacuum cleaner with wand
  • Small, hard-bristled brush

Safety First

You'll need to do more than turn off the thermostat to make sure the furnace is safe to work on. You also need to turn off the gas and electricity going to the furnace. Look for the gas valve on the gas line near the furnace and turn the switch so the wing is perpendicular to the gas line – this is the "off" position on a gas valve. The best way to shut off the electricity is turning the circuit breaker off for the furnace or by removing the fuse for the furnace if you have a fuse box.

Check the Filter

Pull out the filter and check to see how clean it is. If the filter is turning brown, you'll want to replace it with another one. Make sure you write down the model and make of your furnace before you go to the hardware store to buy another one to make sure you get a filter designed specifically for your furnace.

Check the Burners

Dust and dirt can gather on the gas burners and clog them up. You'll want to use a wand with a small brush attached to end of it. Connect the wand to the vacuum cleaner and use the vacuum suction to remove any debris from the gas burner area. Make sure to get all the dust and dirt out of the openings and shafts of the burners.

Check the Blower Assembly

The blower assembly unit can get full of caked-on dust and dirt that should be removed. You might have to use a small, hard-bristled brush to dislodge the dust and dirt from the fan blades. Make sure you vacuum up the mess completely once you've cleaned the blades.

Check theWiring

Visually check the furnace wiring to make sure everything still looks fairly new and to make sure there aren't any worn or cracked spots – if there are, you might want to call in a furnace specialist to come in and replace any old wiring before it becomes defective.

Check the Vent Assembly

Check to make sure the vent system is in good shape and there aren't any spaces or openings in the system where fumes can escape into your hour house. You also want to look for signs of rust around the base of the vent – this is a sign that you might have a moisture problem and might need to replace the vent cap on the roof.

Preparing your furnace for the summer shut down is something most homeowner's can do themselves without any further assistance, but if you find something wrong (or something you're not sure about), call a heating service company, like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc., and have them check it out for you.


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