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About Marcus Thompson

Three Tips For The Efficient Operation Of A Power Shovel

by Kaylee Craig

Power shovels are ideal for many snow clearing jobs because of their small size and the fact that they use electricity instead of costly gas. In contrast to traditional snow blowers that have to be pushed across the ground, power shovels blow snow directly in front of them instead of through the air. In order to make your snow clearing job as smooth as possible, remember these three tips for maximizing the efficiency of a power shovel.

1. Don't Push Your Power Shovel As Hard As You Would Push A Normal Shovel

No matter how hard you push a power shovel, most actual snow clearing work will be done by your electrically powered shovel blades. Pushing your power shovel hard like a normal shovel will only put unnecessary strain on your shovel's blades and lead to mechanical problems. 

Instead, move your shovel across a snow layer in a smooth and steady fashion. If you come across a particularly dense patch of snow, gently push on it instead of trying to dislodge it.

2. Clean Debris Off Your Shovel's Blades Every Time You Use It

Since your power shovel's blades are smaller and more streamlined than a normal snow blower's blades, they're particularly vulnerable to getting stuck due to debris. Therefore, it's important that you clean off both residual snow and the debris it tends to track in as soon as you're done with your job. If you wait until later to clean your shovel blades, a lot of debris will stick to metal and become very difficult to remove.

Remember to never put your hands directly into your power shovel. Instead, use a long stick with a point small enough to touch the smallest indentations in your blades.

3. Don't Try To Push The Shovel Into A Huge Snow Pile

Power shovels are only designed to clear small to medium sized amounts of snow. They work best when they're used on smooth snow layers covering roads and sidewalks rather than the large piles on curbs that snow trucks leave.

If you try to move a large pile of snow with your power shovel, you'll only jam the shovel's blades. While it's easy to clear clogged blades and get your power shovel working again most of the time, it's better not to waste your snow clearing time on tending to your equipment.

A power shovel is a very convenient tool in the right situation. You just have to recognize what problems can't be solved by it and play to its strengths. To learn more, visit Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc. 


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