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About Marcus Thompson

Protect Your Roof In The Winter With These 3 Tips

by Kaylee Craig

The integrity of your roof is one of the most important things to pay attention to in the winter. Without the protection the roof provides, you and your home are at the mercy of the elements. That's why you need to make sure your roof is protected during this time. Here are just some of the ways you can keep your roof in good shape during the winter.

Keep Gutters Clear and Securely Attached

Just as you need to clean out your gutters in the spring and summer, you have to keep your gutters clear in the winter as well. You may not want to do this because of the low temperatures outside, but dead leaves, twigs and other debris can collect in your gutters. If that happens during the winter, snow cannot drain properly as it melts, which means that it can damage shingles and lead to leaks. Take the time to clean out gutters and downspouts so that water can flow freely. 

Don't Let Snow Pile Up

Most of the time, after a snowstorm, temperatures rise enough that the snow can start to melt off of your roof. However, when there have been below-freezing temperatures for days at a time and a lot of snow falls top of snow that is already there, you might want to think about getting snow off of your roof.

Too much snow can weigh heavily on your roof, and over time that can weaken your entire roof, possibly causing cave-ins. Not only that, but excess moisture on your roof shingles can damage them, exposing the roof itself to water and other problems. To make sure that snow doesn't build up too much, use a snow rake to move as much snow as you can.

Insulate Your Attic 

Sometimes, leaks on the roof happen because of the heat inside your house. As the heat from below reaches the roof, the snow above your attic starts to melt into water. However, because snow does not melt as quickly on the eaves or the edges of your roof, the water can pool, which can cause a leak.

To avoid this, prevent warm air from reaching your roof by making sure your attic is properly insulated. Work with an insulation contractor to make sure that you have enough insulation; that way you can prevent roof damage. 

With the tips above, you can help your roof withstand winter weather. Get in touch with a roof services contractor, so that you can get regular inspections during the winter to make sure that the roof is intact and without problems.


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About Marcus Thompson

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