About Marcus Thompson

About Marcus Thompson

5 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Fence For Your Home

by Kaylee Craig

Good fences make good neighbors, or so they say. If you have decided to put up a nice new fence or replace an old, weathered one, you have loads of choices. How do you pick the right fence for your home, yard and lifestyle?

Considering several essential factors and establishing which of these selections are best for your specific situation will help you choose the perfect fence that gives you the protection, privacy and curb appeal you are looking for.


The first consideration to determine is what you want out of a fence. Do you need to contain pets? Do you want to provide a safe play environment for your children? Do you wish to keep your neighbor's nose out of your backyard activities? Deciding what really matters to you is vital to picking the perfect fence.


Builders can construct fences using numerous materials. Before you simply pick a product, think about where you live. For instance, if it frequently rains in your region, weatherproof vinyl or PVC fencing might be a better choice for you than a wood fence would be. Talking to a contractor in your area can help you with this determination if you are uncertain.


Here is where your personal sense of style comes in to play. Once you know what type of material and construction will best meet your needs, mull over the types of design you prefer. Do you love the inviting appeal of white picket fences, the rustic look of hand-hewn wood or the artistic flair of custom wrought iron? There is no wrong answer; simply trust your instincts.


Check with your local municipalities, homeowners association or other governing board regarding any fencing requirements in your neighborhood, town or county. Many communities have regulations regarding fence height, where you can place a new fence and how fences affect bordering land or other boundaries. Save yourself heaps of time, red tape, money and headaches by discovering these details before you begin.


Finally, figure out how you want to go in and out of your new fence. If yours is merely for looks, you might opt for unadorned openings to the sidewalk and driveway. For more privacy and security, you will need a gate of some type. Use the same steps you exercised to decide on your fence when picking out a gate. For instance, if you want protection as well as ease of use, you might want to check out electric gates that have automatic openers, allowing you to enter and exit at the push of a button while still guarding your home from trespassers and other unwanted visitors.

For expert assistance in the selection, purchase and installation of your fence, you should always seek a professional contractor, like California Electronic Gates. But remember—in the end, the choice is all yours.


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About Marcus Thompson

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