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About Marcus Thompson

4 Ways To Clean Your Rain Gutters Without A Ladder

by Kaylee Craig

If you are tired of cleaning your rain gutters, you are not alone. While rain gutters need to be properly cleaned to be well-maintained, no one really relishes this activity. In most cases, cleaning your rain gutters involves climbing a ladder and clearing them of leaves and other debris.

However, there are ways to clean rain gutters without ever climbing a ladder. Here are four ways to do this.

Gutter Vacuum

Just like its name, a good gutter vacuum works just like the vacuum you use to clean your floors at home. In this case, the vacuum cleans leaves and other debris. You will not have to get a ladder to use this tool. You assemble the gutter vacuum by attaching gutter specific attachments to the end of a wet and dry vac or leaf blower.

Gutter Tongs

These tongs are fashioned on the end of a long pole. You stand on the ground and raise the pole to your rain gutters. You should then open and close the tongs to remove leaves and debris from your rain gutters. You operate the tongs by a string attached to the pole. The tongs make a clamping motion as it grabs onto the leaves and debris. The gutter tongs works best when the debris in your rain gutters is too wet and heavy for a gutter vacuum.

Lamb's Wool and a Painter's Pole

Imagine this as a giant cotton swab that you use to clean your rain gutters. You can stand on the ground and use this lamb's wool applicator to sweep the leaves and debris from your rain gutters. It is great for soaking up water that is found in the rain gutter.

Gutter Spray

This method requires the least effort when compared to the other three rain gutter cleaning methods. A spray attaches to a pole and you use a finger trigger to operate the gutter spray. The water will do most of the work. A gutter spray also comes with a mirror so that you could get a good view of your rain gutter from the ground.

Cleaning your rain gutter does not require that you climb up the ladder or walk on your roof, which could be dangerous. You could use to follow the preceding four methods to clean your rain gutter from the ground. No ladder needed! Contact a rain gutter cleaning professional, if you cannot do all of these methods by yourself


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